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Q: What is Roaming Romance Novels all about?
A: Roaming Romance Novels is a traveling book seller that specializes in book signings as well as providing author services.  Created by a book blogger and avid romance reader we have the unique understanding of the needs and wants of today's romance readers.  We work closely with all authors that are attending a specific signing to ensure that we have access to the books that readers are really looking for.  Having books available to purchase at signings coupled with the ability to pre-order books and pick them up directly at events we are able to provide a full service experience for all attendees.  And while the idea for Roaming Romance Novels did start as a way to provide a better signing experience for readers it has grown to trying to provide a great promotion experience for authors as well!
Q: How did the idea for Roaming Romance Novels come about?
A: After going to a handful events Kat started talking with other bloggers and readers about the lack of a good book vendor with experience to provide the books that she really wanted. Specifically waiting over 2 hours to see an author only to find out after she was done that the book vendor on site did, in fact, have the book she needed but the poor girl working the register had no experience with the authors on site and didn't know it was a highly sought after book! With 5 years experience in trade shows and large scale vending it just seemed like a good fit. 
Q: Is Roaming Romance Novels trying to compete with authors at events for sales?
A: No, absolutely not!  We are working hard to speak one on one with each author that is attending an event that we have been invited to.  By doing so we are able to work with each author to find out what the their specific needs are for book sales.  If an author decides that they would rather bring their own books then we will not compete with them by bringing the same books.  We are trying to fill a need at book signings, not compete with anyone else.
Q: How does Roaming Romance Novels get their books?
A: This really depends on each author.  We have accounts set up with many large publishers to purchase books and if an author is published we will work with their distributors to purchase books.  If an author is self published we will work directly with them to purchase books either direct or via CreateSpace wholesale.  Again, this is about helping authors not trying to compete with them.
Q: You said you offer pre-order services....what does this mean?
A: Roaming Romance Novels has created an online store that will allow readers to buy books in advance of a signing and then pick them up at the event.  This saves the readers the cost of shipping and allows them to also purchase books over time so that they can spread the cost over weeks instead of one day.  Authors who are registered for a signing will be contacted in advance about doing pre-order options.  This also gives readers a chance to find more books from authors attending a signing they may not have heard from before because everyone is grouped onto a page.  Our fee for independent author pre-order sales is 25% and actually gives the author a higher profit margin compared to Amazon.  (see below)
*reflects profit based on retail sale of $10

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